"Do you have a plan?"

"I don't even have a pla"
Let's get that sorted

Social Media Master Plan

Let’s create your master plan to overturn your overwhelm and get savvy with your social media!

A great place to start, we’ll do a deep dive into you, your business and the world around us. Coming up with content ideas, working out what can be repurposed where and which other media you could get involved. I’ll also talk you through the ‘how’, which systems to use and which platforms could help you. You’ll leave feeling relieved, revitalised and ready to prioritise your social media.



No jargon busting needed here, I speak your language to ensure you understand everything you or I do.


Your master plan will be tailored to your business and goals. Choose what you need help with and leave feeling totally prepared.


No more testing and guessing, we’ll map out a plan for your social media that’s easy to follow (and stick to!)


Learn how to do more on social media while posting less. Quality over quantity and posting the right things, at the right times.

Learn how to take control of your Social Media sustainably and mindfully.

Are you tempted by the promise of 10,000 followers overnight? Have you fallen fowl to an engagement pod? Or are you getting het up about hashtags?

The digital world can be overwhelming, but Social Media doesn’t have to be.

I want to banish the thought that Social Media is a specialist subject. There are key ingredients to make it successful and it’s within us all to unlock it. You don’t have to be a slave to your keyboard or spend hours on Google for the answers. Let’s make it an enjoyable process to show off your business to the best of your ability.

What to expect

minimum of 90 minutes dedicated entirely to you and your business. We cover the topics you need help with such as platforms, hashtags, planning and content to leave you feeling prepared and confident in tackling your social media.

In person, or via zoom, it works best when we’re 1:1 but by all means you can share the training with your wider team. I’ll record any zoom meetings and step-by-step videos for you to access and refer back to forever.

Investment: £197 inc VAT

Frequently Asked Questions

A handful of the queries I help with...

How often should I post on social media?

This can be difficult to quantify, but the answer is truly as often as you have quality content for. Work out how often you can spend time creating content, and then divide how much content you've got by the amount of time until you can work on it again. If you can create 10 posts in a day, and have a spare day every fortnight then that's 5 posts a week!

How do I know what I should be posting?

This really requires a deep dive and a strategy session, but the short answer is to think to think of your audience's pain points. Also don't be afraid to ask them what they'd like to see via polls on your stories!

Which platforms should I be on?

Think of your dreamiest of dream clients, now think about where they hang out and would search for you. That's where you should be too! 

where do I find content?

All around you! Find inspiration from everything you see, read, watch and listen to. I can turn a single song lyric into an entire Instagram caption, or something my 4 year old says into a podcast. 

Keep your creative brain on standby so it's ready to remember anything you find inspiring!

what are your systems for success?

Ah, now this is insider information! I have a number of tabs saved on my homepage that I use for each and every client - but I'm afraid that's top secret and reserved for strategy sessions only!

how can I make time for social media?

The answer to this only lies within you, but within our strategy session we'll work out what's holding you back when it comes to content creation.

Are you lacking in confidence? Are you unsure of who you're trying to speak to? Perhaps you don't know where you should be publishing content.

Some people simply need reminding of it's importance, some need to find the fun again and some people need to be held accountable. Either way we can unlock this and keep you consistent!