Welcome to Clear Round Media


Clear Round Media was formed in August 2018, after a passion for Social Media and a love for Lincolnshire combined to create a media company committed to improving the digital presence of local businesses.

Founded by Becka Shepherd, with a goal to earn some extra money to support herself and her daughter, Clear Round Media has grown beyond all belief to now include two other team members, and several happy clients in Lincolnshire and beyond. Starting as purely a Social Media Manager, we have expanded to now include Website Design, SEO Services, Website Hosting and much more. Our team are dedicated to improving your online presence in the very best way for your business.

Why ‘Clear Round’ Media? Well, Becka’s second passion is horses, and a Clear Round is a positive term within Show Jumping – something she wishes she’d see more of! We don’t just deal with equestrian businesses though, our specialisms lie within our skillsets – we don’t niche to industries so that our work remains varied and we can get behind every project 110% without risking any conflict of interests.

Our aim is to blend into the background of your business…


One client remarked that her own sister didn’t realise we’d taken over her Social Media – and that made us so proud. Here at Clear Round Media we want it to be a seamless transition and to match the tone of your business so that customers still buy into you. One of the main ways to get social media right is to be consistent, and we aim to give you the freedom to focus on what lights you up within your business – whilst we take care of posting regularly and consistently on Social Media on your behalf. There’s nothing worse than having a busy day and then sitting down and posting something on Social Media for the sake of it or realising that you’ve missed an event or special occasion without posting about it.

We passionately believe that social media is the way forward for so many businesses…

With the right knowledge of what to post, how often, and when, your business can be catapulted onto the Social Media feeds of thousands of people who want to use your services or buy your products. After working with agencies ourselves, we know how costly and impersonal they can be. Here at Clear Round Media we also believe that social media is not a one-size-fits-all method of marketing your business, but there are so many platforms out there and so many ways to use them – and I can be the one to do this in the most effective way for you!

If all of this sounds of interest to you then please do get in touch, we’d love to speak to you about it in more detail and discuss how we could help your business. You can view our packages here or we’re always at the end of our emails – becka@clearroundmedia.com